Samsung Galaxy S10 Leaks on Internet

By | November 28, 2018

The Galaxy S10 may be getting more controversial with each passing day, but it remains Samsung’s biggest upgrade in years. Leaks tell us the flagship 10th-anniversary device will be the largest phone the company has ever made, sport an all-new design and six cameras. But, worryingly, new information suggests it might be vapourware…

Picked up by the eagle-eyed bloggers at TechieRide, Samsung has quietly confirmed its new Galaxy S10 range by submitting it for certification in Russia. But the flagship is missing.

What Samsung certified was the ‘SM-G973F’ (the standard 5.8-inch Galaxy S10), the ‘SM-G975F’ (the 6.2-inch Galaxy S10+) and their dual sim (DS) variants, along with the ‘SM-G970F’- an all-new ‘flat’ Galaxy S10 budget model. Though the new 6.7-inch, six camera Galaxy S10 flagship currently only known as ‘Beyond X’ was not there.

And this is for the second time.

In early October, Samsung also submitted the Galaxy S10 range for certification in China and the Beyond X was missing as well. That did not raise suspicion at the time as the February launch date was still four months away. But with the Beyond X still missing two months later (and certification can be a lengthy process), concern is building that Samsung has bitten off more than it can chew.

Of course, the name is a giveaway. Apple’s 10th-anniversary flagship iPhone was the iPhone X, so Samsung codenaming its 10th-anniversary model ‘Beyond X’ is a clear statement of intent.

Galaxy S10 concept

Alongside the aforementioned 6.7-inch display and six cameras, it will also be the first Samsung phone and only Galaxy S10 version to support 5G. There will also have the world’s first ’ultrasonic’ in-display fingerprint readerand new gradient color schemes, they are coming to the other models.

Samsung recently confirmed it has the horsepower to pull this off, but doubts about whether the company can deliver the “very significant” upgrade it promised now must be mounting. After all, there has already been one high profile Galaxy cancellation this year…

It’s widely rumored that Samsung could launch three Samsung Galaxy S10models in the new year, and we now have a better idea of how they might differ in terms of camera configurations.

According to South Korean site The Bell, the most basic Samsung Galaxy S10 (which might be called the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite), will have a 5.8-inch screen and three cameras – two on the back and one on the front.

That’s already more cameras than the Samsung Galaxy S9, and as many as the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, but the standard Samsung Galaxy S10 will apparently have one more lens, for a total of two lenses on the back and two on the front. This phone is also said to have a 6.1-inch screen.

Meanwhile the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus – or whatever it ships as – is said to have a 6.4-inch screen, two cameras on the front and three on the back, for a total of five lenses. The three on the back apparently consist of a 12MP wide-angle lens, a 16MP super wide-angle one and a 13MP telephoto one.

From five to six

The same site also talks about a 5G Samsung handset which could have six cameras. We’ve heard about this phone before, though it’s not entirely clear whether this is part of the Galaxy S10 range or something else.

As for the three handsets that definitely are meant to be part of the S10 range, this new information largely lines up with what we’ve heard before, although some sources have said the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite will only have a single-lens rear camera.

As ever, we’d take everything we’re hearing with a pinch of salt, since nothing is yet official – but information about the S10 should start getting a lot more official soon, as the range is likely to be announced in early 2019.


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