Ooty – Queen of the hills!

By | April 9, 2019

Nilgiris is a beautiful town on the Nilgiri Hills in the district of Nilgiris in Tamil Nadu.

The name Ootakandalam is a shrine for the convenience of tourists. This beautiful hill station is visited by a large number of tourists throughout the year.

Nilgiri Hills, also known as the ‘Blue Mountain’, is surrounded by the beauty of the place. The name Nilgiri has many different stories.

Some 12 people say that the name comes from a blue-colored cherry blossom, and when it comes to flowering, the name comes from the blue as a whole.

It is said that this name is derived as the smoke from the eucalyptus tree covered in this mountain is blue.

Although now a popular tourist destination, we have no information about the history of nourishment. There is no taste to know whether or not the oddity belongs to a kingdom

In the 19th century, we have a history of the Tudor clan here before the East India Company invaded Ooty.

Colonial rule

The impact of the English government in the culture and architecture of the food can also be seen today. Many tourists believe that Ooty is like a village in the UK.

In the beauty of the nourishment, the English name was named ‘Queen of the Hills’.

The British enjoyed heat in other parts of southern India and enjoyed the treasure as they saw the nourishment. Madras Regimeta was started in Wellington, near Ooty.

Until today, Wellington is its headquarters. Physically ill soldiers were sent to Wellington to help them.

Ooty became famous as the summer resort. It is also the summer headquarters of Madras Presidency.

After the East India Company occupied the nourishment, tea, teak and khaina medicines were grown in Nilgiri hills. The economy of this region, especially agriculture, began to grow.

The climate of the nursery helps the development of agriculture, and today is filled with coffee and tea plantations. This is the main occupation of the people of this village today.  Ooty Travels, Ooty Taxi service, Professional Holiday Tour Packages – Aalayam Travels will help you in each and every step you take.

The history of lost food

Since some of the buildings in the phyto system are designed with a timeless design, the town is beautiful and beautiful. Its growth began in the English regime.

For the modern world, the history of nutrition begins with the British settlers. The architecture of architecture and the construction of houses is reminiscent of British times.

British culture and practices are deep in the lives of local people. The local diet also seems to be influenced by English cuisine. As a result, you can find the flavor of British and Indian spices in the best diet of nutrition.

Ooty helped her to appreciate the development work she has done with the British and local working people.

It is wrong to say that today there is no history of federalism or if there is no historical significance in India’s development.

Ooty is among the most popular among tourists from all over the world due to the Botanical Gardens, the Dodabetta hill Peak, Ooty Lake , Kalahathi Falls and the Flower Exhibition .

It can be easily reached by road and rail. The closest airport is at Coimbatore. The feed has a pleasant environment throughout the year.  However, in winter, it is slightly cooler than usual.

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