How to Change Car air filters with simple steps

By | July 27, 2018

Changing air filter is not a hard task. There are many persons searching professionals for this job and paid money for that simple job. For this job there is no experience needed.

All you need is read this guide fully to understand car air filters and how to change it.

What is Car Air Filter?

Car Air filter is filter which helps to filter the air from hard particles like feather, dust, leaves and allow pure air to the process of internal combustion.

Usually spark plug ignite the fuel combined with air. Because of this only internal combustion occurs and engine starts. If this process is not working properly there are many problems happens.

The air filter helps to filter natural air and allow it to spark plug because of this process only engine starts.

If the air filter is problematic then following problems occurs while suing car.

Less mileage. Of course this is the common problem if you are not replace the air filter. How often one can change the air filter is according to car and city. Mostly you need to check manually once in 5000 miles. Mostly Air filter gets damage or not working properly after 12,000 miles. Do it yourself method is the best way to check and change the air filter.

The cost of the air filter is really cheap. The price varies from 5$ to 10$. So, it is not a big investment for your car.

How to change it?

You need to open the hood and find filter box which is big plastic box combined with big valves. Open that and find the filter. Check that filter color. If the color is grey then it is the time to change the filter. Otherwise you again close the box.

If you want to change then remove the old filter and replace with new one. Then close the box. That’s it.

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Watch this video if you know more about replacing air filter: