Easy & Affordable Modifications for Your Car

By | August 1, 2017

What car you ride is a matter of taste and affordability. Whether the car is a hatchback or a sedan you can modify any car and give it a different look.

Some mods are head turners those can give a personal look to your car. Before you start the modification or installation process make a plan that could give you an overall picture to see the end result.

Coming to the modification of your car, how can you forget the bumpers? Well, you might not know but the bumpers of your car (both rear and front bumper) can make a whole lot of difference to the overall look and feel of the vehicle.

Just with a little change, the same traditional model of the car can be transformed into an amazing model, which everyone would keep on asking where you get it from.

So, let’s take a look at the different modification ideas that you can apply to your car to make it look like new, without spending many bucks or ending up replacing it completely.

Below are some mods those you can try without a thought:

  1. Eyelids
    Eyelids are slight edges those match with the car’s main color or contrast to that. They can be installed quickly and easily without spending much bucks. If installed correctly, they will give a sharp look to the car.
  1. Mirrors
    Plastic mirrors or oil painted mirrors are noticed quickly. A vintage side mirror can give a classic look to the car. You can choose from various styles that goes along with the lines and curves of the car.
  1. Bonnet

The bonnet is often seen as the major modification area of any car. It can transform the car into a bold beast. You can buy a new bonnet of the contrary main car color. The another way out is to cover it by taping a matt finish tape.

  1. Bonnet Scoop
    The right sized bonnet scoop give a sporty look. Make sure you don’t buy a scoop that is obnoxious otherwise it will destroy the car’s image. A scoop with modest looks can serve the car for both stylish and functional purposes.
  1. Body Kit
    A nice body kit is hard to find as most of the times it is seen the kits are poorly applied. People often buy body kits without matching it and end up in spoiling the look. Make sure you match the kits with the make and model of your car and go through the catalogue before you order.
  1. Rocker Panels
    The bottom body panels of a truck or SUV can be protected by adding details of rocker panels. Part tools of the vehicle can be matched with the make and model of the car with the flawless rocker panels.
  1. Bumper
    Bumpers are the most easiest accessories those can be replaced or removed from the car. There is a wide range of modified bumpers you can search online. For example if you have a chevy you can search for “Chevy colorado off road bumperor “Chevy Colorado Custom 4×4 Off-Road Steel Bumperand get the right bumpers for your truck or car.
  1. Rear Diffuser
    Looking at your car from the back you can find the tips of exhaust openly suspended in the air. So you can buy a rear diffuser to look the back tucked neatly and that also helps in improving the aerodynamics of your car.
  1. Wheels
    Though not that clearly visible like the body of your car, yet wheels can affect the appearance of your car up to a great extent. Hence, doing something creative with them is another great option to give your car a quick remodelling. If you look at the wheels and you don’t liked them then it is the right time for an upgrade. A good set of alloys or wheel caps can change the side view of your car. These days, there are several types and varieties of wheels available in the market. Go and get some good quality collection that suits your car model.

So these were some of the ways you can modify your car without being to heavy on your pocket. These tips will help you turn your existing model into something like a masterpiece, at a reasonable cost.

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