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China Opens ‘Pandora’s Box’ of Human Genetic Engineering

A Chinese researcher claimed this week to have created the world’s first gene-edited babies — twin girls who he says were born earlier this month. The announcement, published on Monday, sent shockwaves through the scientific community, with ethicists calling it “unconscionable” and “highly irresponsible.” While gene-editing has been conducted in embryos used in lab research since 2015, going so far as… Read More »

Cremated remains of 100 people To be launched into space on a SpaceX rocket

Before 36-year-old James Eberling died in November 2016, he told his parents he had one final wish: He wanted his remains to be sent into space. Now Eberling’s dream is about to be realized, as his and about 100 others’ cremated remains are expected to be launched into space Monday in a memorial satellite by… Read More »

Mother Spiders Actually Nurse Their Babies on Spider Milk

Jumping spiders are already among the most adorable members of the arachnid order, but we’re ready to give them the prize, officially. A species of ant-mimicking jumping spider has just been found suckling its babies on milk. You know what else does that? Kitties. Doggos. Mousies. But Toxeus magnus is much more diligent than mouse mamas. She will… Read More »