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Leukemia Patient Finds Perfect Donor While Pregnant

A Southern California woman battling cancer while pregnant with twins has found the perfect bone-marrow donor just weeks after her touching story went viral.

“For me to find one and for it to be 10 out of 10 at that is amazing. Nothing better in the world right now,” Susie Rabaca said.

A record-breaking number of people signed up to be potential donors for Rabaca.

She is due to give birth by Dec. 6 and was in desperate need of a bone-marrow transplant to help treat her leukemia.

Rabaca is already a mother of three.

Her sister is a 50 percent match, but doctors said it wasn’t good enough to treat her aggressive acute myeloid leukemia. She needed a 100 percent match, but Rabaca’s mixed heritage – Latino and Caucasian – had made finding a donor difficult.

Rabaca and her family were on a mission to sign up as many potential donors as possible.

Our sister station KABC aired her story on Nov. 22 and, within days, almost 40,000 people registered for Be The Match.

“Only 3 percent of our registry is mixed ethnicity and so it can really difficult to find a matching donor. The fact that we have identified a potential match for her is really exciting,” said Julie Kornike of Be The Match.

A bone marrow transplant can be a potentially life-saving procedure for those with leukemia. But for the process to work, the donor needs to be a close match. There are some 30 million people on the worldwide registry and none were a match for Rabaca – until now.

Susie Rabaca, who has leukemia, is expecting twins and needs a bone-marrow transplant to save her life.

The registry is particularly in need of people with mixed ethnic heritage for many other potential recipients without a match. Registry officials said the thousands of new donations were more ethnically diverse than average.

On Wednesday night, after getting the delightful news, Rabaca and her family celebrated.

While Rabaca hasn’t met her donor yet, she had a message for that special person.

“Whoever you are out there – thank you so much. You’re saving my life. You’re an angel, and I hope one day to meet you,” she said.

Rabaca now hopes to undergo the marrow transplant after delivering her twins. She also hopes to hit a goal of 100,000 people signing up on Be The Match before the twins’ birth.

The Red Cross will honor Alaina Dickey with a Dec. 9 blood drive.

Dickey is battling acute lymphoblastic leukemia and has received many blood transfusions, according to a Red Cross news release.

The drive will be 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Dec. 9 at Dennis Middle School, 222 N.W. Seventh St. Participants should enter through Door 4 on the building’s south side.

Schedule an appointment in advance by calling 800-RED CROSS or at using the sponsor code “alainadickey.”


Pregnant Leukemia Patient Finds a Donor

Honor to Leukemia Patient Will Be Honored on Dec 9 Red Cross Day



What are the some good massage services available in Bangalore

We already saw Top 5 Dental Checkup in Bangalore, in this list we are going to see some of the good massage centers in Bangalore. Everybody knows Bangalore is one of the most promising city anybody can live here. Here most of the people come and go daily. Massage is the rising business in Bangalore. Here lots of people have massage parlours.


Due to the stress and tension from the workplace most of the people want to go with massage centers. But how to find good massage centers. Good massage center is really hard to find and most of the people don’t know what is good massage is about. They frequently visit certain massage centers and take massage service. They thought those are the good massage centers. Here are some of the good massage parlours in Bangalore which help to get best massage service.

Good massage services:

Alisha Body spa:

Mostly everybody know this spa. This spa has lots of services like body to body, female to male, Thai, Deep tissue, Swedish, Sandwich, Doorstep massage & more.

They have lots of beautiful girls to massage your body. That is why it is one among the best parlour in Bangalore.

Angel Body spa:

Angel Body spa is a rising massage center has lots of massage techniques in their hand. They used advanced massage techniques to help their customers. Mostly people visit because of their service quality.

Their popular services are: Full body massage, Body to body massage, Thai Sandwich massage, Deep tissue massage, B2B and F2M massage & more.

Twinkle spa

Their site is This is often called as Bangalore’s favorite massage parlor. Because most of the people in Bangalore know about this parlour. This is very unique style and service quality.

Their services are: Balinese massage, Ayurvedic massage, Doorstep massage, Female to male & body to body.

Body Square:

Most of the people don’t know about this massage center. This is the massage center providing high quality massage. Here are the some details we need to take away from this massage parlour.

Best guides on this site are: Body to body massage , massage for women, female to male massage, deep tissue massage, Cross gender massage, Whatsapp number of massage center, & more…

Hope everybody like these massage parlours. These are the some of the best massage centers in Bangalore. If you like this article then please share it with your friends…

Top 5 Dental Checkup in Bangalore – Dentist in Bangalore

free dental checkup bangaloreDental Checkup is one of the important checkup need to do once in six months. There are lots of free dental checkup available in Bangalore. Here we are going to see the dental checkup in Bangalore details.

Lots of people often suffered by teeth. Brushing and flossing is important thing for every people. Most of the people not even brush regularly. So, those kinds of people should suffered by dental problem.

What to expect Dental Checkup in Bangalore?

Dental checkup process vary each and every dentist. Not every dentist will perform same order. But the dental checkup involves the four major parts. Those are:

  1. Cleaning & Polishing: This is the first step of dental checkup. In this process the dentist clean your teeth by using the rubber cub brush. This will helps to remove the plaque and stains.
  2. Education: After the 1st step, the dentist will examine the most common dental problems and help you to understand the checkup details and more about teeth.
  3. Examination: After that dentist will examine your teeth to understand what are the problems now you have in your mouth. If you have any mouth problems like cavity, cum disease, early signs of oral cancer or any other, then you need to go further step. Otherwise you need to worry about treatment.
  4. Treatment: After taking X-Rays & scan reports, the dentist will start the treatment. Once you find some good signs on your mouth, then you can follow the treatment until the problem will cure purely.

These are the four step process of Dental checkup.

Top 5 Dental Checkup Bangalore:

  1. Axiss Dental Clinic
  2. Dr. Abhilash Ravindranath
  3. Dr. Sangeeta Honnur
  4. Dr. Arvind M.S
  5. Dr. Anjali Shetty

These four people are top 5 dentist in Bangalore. You can visit this website to know their contact details.