2 Cases Filed Against Actor Vishal ; Vishal Arrested

By | December 20, 2018

The police have registered a case against Vishal, the producer association chairman.

Vishal is one of the leading mass heroes in Tamil cinema. He is the secretary of the Acting Association and the Chairman of the Producers Union. He is increasingly involved in trying to cripple the Tamil Rockers website, which is a challenge to Kollywood cinema.

For the past few months, a section of the Producers Association has been dissatisfied with actor Vishal. The promises made during the Progressive Union election were not fulfilled. No action was taken against Tamils. Various allegations are being put on Vishal as they are strictly denounced by small budget filmmakers.

A section of the Tamil Film Producers Association was involved in the protest yesterday, condemning the management of the actor Vishal. In one of its areas, the Tamil filmmakers’ association in the city of Chennai said that they would lock the keys to the police station in the area.

One of the producers involved in this action, AL Alleppey met with reporters. Speaking at that time, he did not fulfill any promises made by Vishal in the past two years. Fixed deposit for the club is Rs. I do not know where 7 crore is. Vishal is not a general body on the Sangh problem.

He has taken self-conclusions without consulting the general committee. Actor Vishal, who has won the Producer Union election claiming to destroy Tamils, is reported to be a partner in the website. Actor Vishal, who is the acting secretary of the actor, is the director of the Tamil Film Producers’ Association. Alappa said.

Speaking of the actor SV We are going to complain to Chief Minister Palaniasiyam on the actor Vishal. Ilayaraja said that he had a motivation for the celebration.

Moreover, actor Vishal was unable to communicate with the producer association. Some of the members of this association are continuing to fight to leave the Vishal Producers Association, who leads the club irresponsiblely.

Furthermore, a section of the Producers’ Association locked up the union office to claim that a few volunteers decided to arbitrate actor Vishal without consulting the public council.

Vishal came to the office and tried to break the lock. ” My office, why are my lock locked? Those who do not have power have been given protection lock. We can not believe it. He is angry that he did not allow me to break the lock.

Because of this, Pandiparaj police who came there arrested Vishal. Furthermore, it is noteworthy that the police registered a case against illegal and extra-controlled property disputes.

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