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free dental checkup bangaloreDental Checkup is one of the important checkup need to do once in six months. There are lots of free dental checkup available in Bangalore. Here we are going to see the dental checkup in Bangalore details.

Lots of people often suffered by teeth. Brushing and flossing is important thing for every people. Most of the people not even brush regularly. So, those kinds of people should suffered by dental problem.

What to expect Dental Checkup in Bangalore?

Dental checkup process vary each and every dentist. Not every dentist will perform same order. But the dental checkup involves the four major parts. Those are:

  1. Cleaning & Polishing: This is the first step of dental checkup. In this process the dentist clean your teeth by using the rubber cub brush. This will helps to remove the plaque and stains.
  2. Education: After the 1st step, the dentist will examine the most common dental problems and help you to understand the checkup details and more about teeth.
  3. Examination: After that dentist will examine your teeth to understand what are the problems now you have in your mouth. If you have any mouth problems like cavity, cum disease, early signs of oral cancer or any other, then you need to go further step. Otherwise you need to worry about treatment.
  4. Treatment: After taking X-Rays & scan reports, the dentist will start the treatment. Once you find some good signs on your mouth, then you can follow the treatment until the problem will cure purely.

These are the four step process of Dental checkup.

Top 5 Dental Checkup Bangalore:

  1. Axiss Dental Clinic
  2. Dr. Abhilash Ravindranath
  3. Dr. Sangeeta Honnur
  4. Dr. Arvind M.S
  5. Dr. Anjali Shetty

These four people are top 5 dentist in Bangalore. You can visit this website to know their contact details.

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